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• We craft and hand choose the highlight music, reflecting our style for your wedding film.
• $350 non-refundable deposit required to secure booking upfront accompanied with a completed booking form. Booking fees/deposits are non-refundable on cancellation. After the on-line booking form has been submitted, a final invoice will be processed and sent to the listed email to confirm the booking.
• We have received, read and understand the price list, which has been confirmed for our wedding.
• We agree to pay the half balance at least two weeks prior to the wedding Day and the remaining amount upon delivery of the film. Failure to do so gives the Cinematographer the right to refuse to carry out the full cinematography services.
• Prices quoted are AUD and do not qualify for any GST content.
• All media created by David Pierson Films remain copyright of David Pierson Films and all rights are granted to David for exclusive use of the media. You agree to your wedding film being posted online on David's website as well as other industry related websites/blogs and social media sites like Facebook.
• You understand timeframes and any restrictions placed due to weather conditions etc having been discussed prior, ie: It is expected that you will allow an adequate amount of time for cinematography on the day in order to achieve the results you want as well as having suitable options in place in the case of bad weather outdoors.
• We are satisfied that the details are correct and will confirm all the details prior to the wedding.
• The details & times listed form part of this agreement and we agree to make every effort to cooperate in order for the Cinematographer to fulfil their contracted duty. We acknowledge the Cinematographer cannot accept responsibility for the ʻextentʼ of the film coverage if these details are incorrect or if we chose not to follow the agreed to schedule.
• While our team will attempt to capture all key important shots during the wedding ceremony, the we will not be held responsible if these shots are missed due to elements beyond our control ie: limited visibility that may be caused by guests or the wedding celebrant.
• We agree to immediately advise David Pierson Films in writing of any alterations in the details listed here including postponement or cancellation of the wedding.
• In the event of cancellation of the wedding we agree that the deposit/ booking fee will be forfeited unless in cases of genuine hardship. If cancelled within 2 months of the wedding you may be liable for any expenses incurred ie: travel or accommodation booking costs.
• Should David Pierson Films not be available for any reason, we will notify the Bride & Groom of the change as soon as it is known and provide a full refund of any payments that have been made.
• David Pierson Films shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond our control include faulty material, equipment failure, damaged, loss of media/sound/digital files in transit, loss or damage to film, digital files, civil disturbances, or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent us from completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case David Pierson Films shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment. It is agreed that the liability of  David Pierson Films shall be limited to be a refund of any money paid under this agreement which shall be in full & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.
• The finished product will be available for delivery approximately 2-3 months after the wedding date.