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After booking our second night at Jinta Andaman, we set off on an adventure travelling to a remote place called Nui Beach where we make a new friend Dmitry on the way! After loosing our drone in the cliffs and a failed search attempt, we ask one of the locals to help us out. I showed him a picture before it crashed and he found it within ten minutes! It crashed into a bamboo plantation and there was zero damage to the drone! We gave him a some cash for his efforts and he was very happy and so were we!

The rain set in again as we rode our bikes and went for a swim at Nai Harn Beach. I did get a few scratches in the vegetation, so the saltwater helped with the wounds! The rain was pretty harsh at this point, so we met up with our friend Kitty and had some great food. Our adventure continues in the next episode! Check out some of the photos we took along the way!